Mexican food and Mariachi Music in Los Angeles and Orange County

Pancho Villas offers traditional food prepared with love

There is a saying that the closer you are to the border the better the Mexican food is. In Southern California Mexican food is not hard to find but finding truly delicious Mexican food sometimes is. Pancho Villas Mexican Restaurant has made a name for itself as a hotspot in Southern California for truly good food with traditional recipes as well as for its festive live entertainment.

With a strong understanding of tradition, the recipes at Pancho Villas have been passed on through the owner’s family from generation to generation. Each dish is prepared with love with only the freshest ingredients. From the handmade tortillas to the homebrewed mole, each ingredient is a faithful homage to authentic Mexican cuisine.

Along with very best in Mexican food Pancho Villas provides its patrons with live entertainment with the assistance of the world famous Mariachi International de Mexico de Francisco Jara. This group of 12 skilled musicians has traveled the world and perfected its craft giving southern California visitors and locals a chance to see a vibrant Mexican tradition in action.

Make your reservations today at or call Pancho Villas at (909) 365-0906.

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