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Why Mexican Menus Look so Tasty.

If there is one cuisine most Americans consider to be their favorite, Mexican food certainly must take top honors.  From tasty chips and salsas to cheesy quesadillas and burritos, we love everything about the food served from South of the Border.

Going out to eat at a restaurant is a special time for all of us.  Whether it is a family get together or a date with a loved one, we expect restaurants to treat us to a wonderful dining experience.  We want the restaurant to look nice, to be clean, for the waitstaff to be friendly, and, most importantly, for the food to live up to our expectations.

Generally, we can tell what type of quality of food to expect by the establishment’s menu.  At Pancho Villa’s our well-created Mexican Menu will offer irresistible descriptions and gorgeous images of fresh ingredients and seasonings.  Pictures of foods like ripe tomatoes and avocados, red onions and crisp lettuce that leaves our mouths watering are the hallmark of a good menu.

The descriptions of each item should be catchy, easily understandable and should let us know if it is a particularly spicy dish or an authentic dish.  A Mexican Menu that is uncluttered and shows the prices clearly helps us make our selections.  The layout of the menu should start with appetizers on the left.  Items like nachos, chips and salsa and chimichangas.  In the middle portion of the menu we expect to see the signature dishes of that particular restaurant, be it fajitas or moles or a the fresh fish of the day.

If the restaurant serves alcohol, the back side of the menu is where we would expect to find the list of beers, margaritas and specialty drinks.  And don’t forget the kid’s items and the dessert menu.  Sometimes a Mexican Menu will have separate menus for the little ones.

Be sure to ask the server what the special of the day is as well if you have any dietary concerns what items contain foods or ingredients you may be allergic to.

The next time you go out for dinner, take the time to really study the layout and design of a Mexican Menu.  San Bernardino Restaurant, Pancho Villa’s s been put together with thought and preparation so that your dining experience will be one that you will not soon forget.  And give the restaurant manager feedback.  They are always looking for ways to improve their restaurant.

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