Nightclubs In San Bernardino

Is it a restaurant? A nightclub? A stage show? While some people may have a hard time classifying us, one thing is for sure, Pancho Villa’s Restaurant and Entertainment is a unique experience found nowhere else in Southern California. We combine the best aspects of dining and live entertainment, with authentic, Mexican cuisine, dancers in colorful dresses, and a vibrant mariachi band on stage.
Pancho Villa’s features four shows nightly on the weekend, giving you plenty of options to satisfy your cravings for authentic Mexican food and entertainment. At Pancho Villa’s you can watch brilliant dancers move to classic Mexican music as you sample great appetizers or indulge in a satisfying dinner. This is one of the few nightclubs San Bernardino plays home to, in which you can eat dinner, sip homemade sangria, and listen to great Mariachi music.

For Great Nightclubs, San Bernardino is the Choice

When it comes to nightclubs, San Bernardino has a lot to offer. And the most unique nightclub is surely Pancho Villa’s. It is the only place you can enjoy an authentic Mexican dinner or appetizer while being entertained by a flurry of costumed dancers and the exhilarating sounds of a live Mariachi band. It’s a nightclub like no other in Southern California, and a place you have to experience to appreciate. Contact us today via phone or our easy online reservation system for an exciting taste of Mexico.

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